14 Mar 2011

Katy Crappy Launches New Fragrance

Who in their right mind buys this crap? I mean if someone genuinely has no idea about fragrances, they can be forgiven for ever owning or planning to own a celebrity fragrance. Any other scenario and you should forever be banned from beauty counters-and that's worldwide. Then again you may come to me for some serious lessons on quality fragrances! The emphasis lies on QUALITY!!!

Katy Perry has now joined the band wagon (members include Katie Price, Britney Spears and Beyonce-the list is endless). As is the norm for celeb fragrances, the name of this idea-of-the-decade is very cheap and cheesy: ‘PURR’. Lord help us.


And who is the ad campaign supposed to be focused at? Men I am guessing? It looks like a shot out of an Ann Summers catalogue, but that comes as no surprise from Miss Perry. Well gents out there, if in some drunken state you happen to buy this for any woman with good taste, it should not surprise you if she knocks you out with it. 

Ps: I do not condone violence in any form

That's all for today folks...

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